Mommy Starts Blow-Drying Her Baby. I Fell Over When I Saw His Hair.

There are so many different things that we can see change in our babies when they start growing older. They start to grow taller seemingly by the day. Their faces grow plumper or skinnier depending on their age. Teeth start to come in (“Oh man, he was starting to sleep through the night..”), but there’s also hair. Many children come in with either very little to a modicum of hair, but grow it quickly. Then there’s Junior Cox-Noon, a nine-week-old who blows us all away.

We see Mommy blow drying Junior’s hair. It’s amazing to see how high it rises. It’s not quite at Troll doll or Syndrome from “The Incredibles” level, but it’s still pretty darn high. You could almost picture him as being the Fonz’s kid on “Happy Days”. Hmm. I have an idea for a reboot. Anyways, he’s adorable, though it is pretty clear that Mommy is going to have to buy a lot more shampoo and conditioner.

Why is it that his hair mushroomed like this this fast while other kids take a much longer time to have their hair grow out? Simple. He’s a mutant and should be in the next X-Men movie. He could play “Hair-Grow-Kid.” Just kidding. Some people are just predisposed to growing hair at a faster rate than others, I guess. As far as developmental things, this is not a big problem unless his hair is down to his knees three days later.

I can imagine when Mommy takes Junior to the barber for the first time. “He’s how old, ma’am? Wow.” I thought my son had great hair when he was that age, but Junior is at a whole different level. He’s kind of looking at the camera during the video like he’s thinking, “Yeah. I have great hair. You are allowed to be jealous.” I just hope heredity doesn’t bite him later in life – hopefully the men in his family all have hair.

What an amazing baby. It’s enough to make me put my hair to shame and I’ve ALWAYS had a full head of it. Have you seen other babies like this that are this well-coifed? Post them in the comments section!

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