Mommy Takes Boxer Out For Walk. She Picks Up Plastic Bottles On The Street For The Best Reason.

These are times where we should be doing all that we can to help preserve this planet – it’s the only one that we have and we haven’t been able to find a way to get off it to colonize elsewhere. Which is why we should be doing things like recycling instead of filling up landfills with garbage and other things. This video shows one dog in England that seems to have gotten that memo.

We see Paris, a young boxer who has an unusual hobby that she likes to do while she goes on walks with her mommy: she seeks out empty bottles and will carry one with her for the remainder of her walk. It seems like she has an instinctual habit to do her part for recycling. I just hope the teethmarks in the plastic won’t prevent the recyclers from being able to do their work on it.

This is not something that Paris’ mommy has trained her to do. She’s just doing it to amuse herself while she’s on her walks. Fair enough… we all need something to do to stave off boredom while we do something routine every day. Her game just happens to be a great way to help the environment as well. That’s a great thing and I hope her mommy keeps encouraging her to keep playing

Of course, it would be amazing if we could train all of our dogs to think like Paris. Our streets would be clearer and recycling would be booming. It’d be a win-win for us and for our planet. Sadly, I don’t see it happening. Too many dogs would be getting bottles that aren’t even redeemable in the states that they live in. “C’mon… this one is only redeemable in California. We live in NY. Can’t you read? Oh… wait… no, you can’t.”

I thought Paris was adorable picking up those bottles though. It’s amazing she wasn’t trained to do that either. More dogs should be environmentally conscientious like that. They just need to work on not leaving poop in the worst places… What do you think? Tell us in the comments section!

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