Mommy Takes Her Kids Out For Ice Cream. Wait Until You Hear Her Response To Bratty Behavior.

Being a service or retail worker is hard. I did it for more years than I care to remember and while the majority of people were polite, there were those who treated me with utter indifference no matter how nice or helpful I was to them. As you can imagine, that didn’t make me feel that great, but I brushed it off knowing that there were more good people out there than not. This video shows one person’s realization that manners do count.

The video is all text. Four people go into a Dairy Queen – a mommy and her three kids, ages 8, 7, and 5. They order their ice cream cones. When the worker cheerfully hands over their cones, they sullenly take them without even a hint of “thank you” being uttered. Well, that makes mommy justifiably mad. The question is… does she make a scene then and there or wait a little bit? The first thing she does is give them a chance to rectify it there. No dice. They march outside with the ice cream.

The mommy is fuming at this behavior from her three kids, all of whom are far too old to even think about her letting this slide. She counts to 10 in her head and then once they are outside, she grabs their ice creams and throw them in the garbage. The predictable tantrums begin, but she just coolly gazes at them until they quiet down. She explains about the need for respecting these workers and just having basic common decency.

This is actually a story that was told by reality show star, Jaime Primak Sullivan, about her kids. She’s dubbed herself the “Meanest Mom Ever” in the wake of the tale. One thing’s for sure, though… her kids won’t be disrespecting any store employees for a while. It’s good that she’s using her visibility to spread the word to other mommies that they shouldn’t let their kids be rude to store workers… or any other person, for that matter.

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