Mommy Takes Look At Child’s Sippy Cup After He Gets Sick. What She Finds? SHOCKING.

Not to sound all like a promo for an 11 pm local news broadcast, but: Are you aware that your child’s sippy cup could be harboring mold? Yes, in hard to reach nooks and crannies around the straw, mold can grow and make its way into whatever your child is drinking. I know, it sounds disgusting, but it can happen with regularity. It’s not the parent’s fault either… they can clean the cups but still not get everything. This video is a real eye-opener.

The video shows a woman named Kathryn Ellis talking about a particular brand of sippy cup called Tommy Tippee. Her son had been drinking out of it and he kept getting sick. She looked into a part of the cup and found that mold had been growing in a very hard to clean area. Her son had been ingesting the mold, which would then make him throw up. She switched to another brand and he’s been better, since the new cup is easier to clean.

It’s fortunate that there have been no fatalities – that we know of. It would be one thing if these parts were easily detachable, but many of them are not. So who knows how many of these cups are silently collecting bacteria that might make a child sick? If I had any sippy cups left, I’d be inspecting them very closely. There’s enough to worry about with raising a child, this is something that should not be happening.

This was my nightmare scenario when my son was young and drinking from a sippy cup. My wife and I were both extremely diligent about opening up the cup every night and scrubbing it thoroughly. Even then, a bit of gunk would build up during the day. Fortunately, the pieces were easily removeable. The fact that some of these companies can ship stuff like this is disgusting. All parents need to look into this as quickly as possible.

How disturbing! I hope that you learned something important here. If one person goes and looks at their sippy cup and fixes the situation, then this is worth it. Please tell us your thoughts or of any other possible contamination possibilities in the comments section below.

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