Mommy Takes Pugs Out On Snow Day. I Thought Her Plan Was The Cutest Thing EVER.

My ideal snow day consists of reading a book under a comfortable blanket. The car would have been parked in the garage the night before, so I don’t have to do any back-breaking shoveling the next morning. There might be a good movie on TV. Then there are those who like to go outdoors and do things like sledding. I call those people crazy… just kidding. Though if I had these four pugs that are in this video, I would venture outside in the snow.

Their mommy wants to take a lot of pictures of them in the snow, presumably for holiday cards. So she bundles them up in possibly the silliest, yet cutest cold weather outfits ever. She then places them all in a large plastic box that also doubles as a sled. Seeing this just sent me into fits of “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” The dogs wind up being pushed downhill – a very gentle slope, not Devil’s Plunge or anything like that, though seeing if their eyes could bulge even more would be hilarious – several times. They also have their pictures taken many times.

Honestly, I am not a fan of holiday cards like this. They look so hokey and often come out in poor quality. This, though, if I ever got a card like this from anyone, they would be my friend for life. Pugs are awesome. Especially with their wrinkled faces that seem to convey their annoyance at these hats that have been shoved on their heads. Also, how one of them is sitting there with his tongue sticking out to the side is hilarious.

Some might think that’s not fair to the dogs to drag them out into the cold for this. These are house dogs that don’t need to spend a lot of time outside save for peeing and pooping. I could see that argument being valid if they weren’t as bundled up as they are in this video. This is a mommy who adores her dogs and wants to share them with the world. We all benefit from this devotion.

This is one great snow day picture. Wouldn’t you agree? Leave a comment for us below!

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