Mommy tells young daughter and dog to play a game. I laughed at what she did next.

Having kids and animals together can be a mixed blessing. While it’s fun to see them play together, it also means that you have twice the company to keep occupied at all times. Having a bored child and a bored pet can be really rough. A little child usually doesn’t have the throwing arm to play fetch – I think a dog would get bored of waking two feet to get a stick and then coming back. Here’s a video of one way a mommy keeps the two “children” occupied.

We see Sebastien, a Newfoundland and Sierra, a little girl, in the kitchen of a house. Sierra’s going to go run off and hide and the giant dog is going to try to find her. The little girl scampers off and the mommy makes the pooch wait until she announces she’s ready. The game is now afoot! He searches around the house, even opening a door into what looks like the laundry room before being told to sniff out the treat. He finds her behind a sofa.

I wonder how much this is really Sebastien stringing the game along for Sierra. His keen nose must have smelled the treat really early on. It was so cute to see him peek over the sofa at the little girl like “Yeah! I found you! Gimme treat!” This is a really gentle dog, he’s very slow taking the treat out of her hand. It’s clear that they have a fun bond together. Hopefully, they can grow older together.

It’s so fun seeing them play games like that. It keeps the giant dog active and it also keeps the little girl out of trouble while she enjoys herself trying to hide from Sebastien. It sure beats her just sitting and watching television while the dog lies around bored out of his skull. Big dogs need to be active and that’s what’s happening here. I was glad to see him not knock over the Christmas tree, too.

Wasn’t that a clever game? Have you had your dog or cat play a game like this with your children? Tell us all about it in the comments!