Mommy Throws Scrunchie For Cat To Catch. My Jaw Dropped At His Next Move.

Playing with your pets can be a lot of fun. Throwing a Frisbee or a stick with your dog can mean hours of fun… though your arm might be sore the next day. Cats can also be entertained, though their threshold with something tends to be in the 10-minute range. “Whee! This is fun. OK. I need to stop. Time to go do something interesting… like grooming myself.” Then there’s the way this cat entertains himself.

We see a cat named Noah sitting at the edge of a bed. His mommy tosses him a scrunchie, but like a quarterback just slightly overthrowing a wide receiver, it’s over his head. No worries. Noah leaps up and backward in the air, snagging the scrunchie in what many would call a circus catch. Fortunately, he has no safety or cornerback waiting to level him as soon as he catches it. Imagine if a dog was there too…

Then, as an exclamation point to this incredible catch, Noah stands there with his tail raised high, like, “I caught it!” If this was football or baseball, we’d have to have instant replay from four different angles to show that he, indeed, hung on to the scrunchie as he fell to the ground. Football analysts would be talking about maintaining possession and baseball announcers would wonder if it popped out when he hit the ground.

Sorry, it’s hard to not think about sports now. I’m writing this in late February. Football’s over and baseball’s Spring Training games have yet to begin. So… I have to find my own sports analogies wherever I can. I do what I have to do to survive this sports wasteland right now! So, if I have to amuse myself by pretending that a cat’s an athlete… then that’s what I have to do. I’ll be back to normal in a week…

I wonder how many NFL scouts watched this and thought about drafting Noah for next season? What’s the most athletic thing your cat has done? Tell us all about it!

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