Mommy Tiger Cat ‘Talks’ With Her Young Kittens. This Whole Scene Just Made Me Melt.

One of the best sights is seeing a parent interacting with a baby. There’s just something in the love they show when showing their little one how to both see the world around them and also interact with the people in it… name the parent that is right there in front of them. Of course, the initial interaction is fairly limited, since the baby has a limited vocabulary. That doesn’t stop them, as you can see in this video.

We see a Tiger Cat sitting in a box with her three kittens. They are very young and have just started “talking”. Their mommy is being quite attentive as they roll around, still figuring out how to use all their legs at the same time. They bonk into each other quite often, but none of the kittens seem to mind it happening.

The mommy and her kittens are quite vocal to each other. It’s such a sweet scene seeing them interact. The kittens have recently opened their eyes, so they probably have a ton of questions about what they are seeing. They may be hungry. They may be sleepy. They may want to know where the litter box is. Mommy seems to be quite happy that they are talking. Maybe she thought they weren’t talking enough before. The same happened with my wife and our son. “He’s not talking much!” “Just wait.” *two years later* “Can he stop talking so much?” “Told you.”

I wonder what the conversation was like. “Mommy?” “Yes?” “Why are our faces all smushed in like this?” “Because the first of our kind ran into a wall and they never fixed it.” “Really?” “No. Actually, it’s because the first one fell asleep with a book pressed against their faces.” “You’re kidding!” “Yes, I am. Seriously, though, I have no idea. We just look like this. Now go get some sleep, kid. You need it. “

There was so much cuteness overload here, it threatened to overwhelm me. How about you? Have you had kittens like this? We want to hear all the great stories about them. Just leave a comment below. Also, it would be great if you “Like” us on Facebook.

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