Mommy Washes Baby Capuchin Monkey In Sink. When She Did That Expression At The End, I Melted.

There is nothing cuter in a package than a baby monkey. No. There will be no arguments, no comparisons. Kittens. Cute. Puppies. Cute. Baby squirrels… cuter, but still no dice. Now add a baby monkey getting a bath while holding a toy. I think we’ve just gone and destroyed the Internet, haven’t we? I issue a challenge. Try to watch the whole video here and not go “AWW!!” at some point. You can’t!

We see Nala, a black capuchin monkey, holding onto a blue dog toy while her mommy rinses her under a running sink. This is a TINY monkey, but she looks very strong. The mommy talks in a gentle high-pitched voice and that keeps the diminutive monkey calm. There’s no freaking out when the water stream hits her. I wanted to reach and start washing Nala myself – she’s THAT cute. Don’t deny it… you want to do that too.

Nala is so much fun to watch as she hangs onto the toy. You can tell that she totally trusts the woman holding her. At the end, the woman wets Nala’s hand by wetting her own hand and then gently rubbing her head. After that, she holds a folded towel for Nala to jump onto – the best part is when she sticks her tongue out – and then wraps her in another towel. I’m sorry, this took five minutes to type because I turned to goo.

The woman who shot the video was adamant in explaining that Nala was not a pet. She was in a monkey sanctuary and was living with other monkeys. She did not advocate for people owning them as a pet and said she wouldn’t help anyone get one for that purpose. Also, the video was at first meant just for her vet to look at to determine if there were any problems with Nala’s spine but the file was too big to send via email so she started the YouTube channel… and the rest is history.

I could watch Nala videos all day… couldn’t you? She’s adorable. Wouldn’t you love to work in such a place? Tell us all your thoughts in the comments section below!