Mommy Has Young Cat In Her Lap. What the Kitten “Says” Next Cracked Me Up.

People tend to think of cats being aloof creatures who only meow at certain times. That is so far from the truth – cats can be quite social and talk up a storm. In fact, sometimes they can meow so much that you want to jam some earplugs in your ears just to get some peace and quiet from the little fellows. This video shows a feline who is very versed in the gift of gab and is not afraid to show it.

We see a British shorthaired cat named Amoni sitting in her mommy’s lap. Mommy’s talking to her and she’s meowing a lot of responses. I wonder what she’s talking about? Maybe she thinks there’s not enough food in her dish. Perhaps she hates cat food commercials. She might also be listing her grievances about cats in the media – what is UP with that Garfield? Hmmm. Maybe she should try lasagna.

Amoni is one content kitty in her mommy’s lap. It’s like she’s talking up a storm as she’s getting ready to drift off to sleep. My son can be like that. He’ll talk, talk, talk, talk, and then boom, just roll over and go to sleep. It looks like Amoni’s going to be hitting dreamland soon in mommy’s lap. But she’s got to get in the last word, it seems, right before she goes to sleep. Isn’t that always the case?

It sounds like this British shorthair is a smoker. She’s got a raspy voice like the first two bailiffs on “Night Court.” It’s so cute to hear Amoni talk back to her mommy, though. My female cat does that to me as well. I’ll be petting her and she’ll be all like “Mwrowr” back to me. If I take my hand away, oh… there is no stopping her meowing for at least the next minute while she desperately tries to get my attention again.

Isn’t Amoni so cute? I’d love to sit and listen to her meow as I pet her. Does your cat carry on conversations like this with you? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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