While mom’s away, the beagles play? Nope. They wait and wait and wait

It’s perfectly normal for our animal friends to miss their humans when they step out of the house. For some animals, it becomes full-blown separation anxiety and they become overwhelmed by panic and dread. A dog with this condition might do things like bark excessively, whine, pace around, damage furniture and other objects, make escape attempts, or drool lavishly. Separation anxiety isn’t a sign of poor training or simple boredom: it’s a deeply ingrained emotional response.

Beagles are one of the most popular and best loved breeds of dogs out there and for good reason, too. They were bred for hunting rabbits and because of this, beagles are very intelligent but single-minded. Beagles make for excellent therapy dogs, not least because of their small size, pleasant demeanor, and non-threatening appearance. Gentle, friendly, and “merry,” these dogs are perfect family pets, too.

What could be better than a pet beagle? How about two? The pet parent who made the video posted below got two of them in part because she hoped they’d keep each other company while she was out. She figured that two dogs would play, have a good time, and provide moral support for each other while a single dog would just mope around all day or possibly develop a case of separation anxiety. To find out if it was working, she set up a video camera. It was only a matter of seconds after she stepped out that the two beagles were already sitting at the front door, looking out the window and letting out the signature beagle howl. They made some more noise and then lay down next to each other, still staring out the window, wondering when mom would finally be home.

Is she going to have to work from home and order everything on-line or is there some other way to help these beagles tough it out? Let’s hear from you in the Facebook comments and be sure to like and share!