Mongoose And Cobra Lock In Deadly Combat Encounter. I Was Stunned How Fast It Was Over.

I recently got to see nature in action. When walking to get my son from school, I spotted a hawk… or a falcon… land on a tree. I’ve seen them fly around our “urban suburb” before and I thought it fascinating to see one relatively up close. Then I spotted his quarry – a squirrel that was on the tree. Then there was the dance – the squirrel would juke one way and the bird would merely block his way by hopping to another branch. I had to leave to get my son, but I think the bird probably won. I thought about that when watching this video.

We see a cobra slithering around – they are no joke. Their venom can kill a fully-grown man in 30 very painful minutes. While they usually try to stay away from people, they can be aggressive if they feel they are being threatened. It’s better to not try to leave the judgment up to the snake, so it’s better to steer VERY clear of them. Though they do have a predator that’s after them.

That animal is the mongoose, who might look unassuming, but they have REALLY fast reflexes and their eyes allow them to see very well. A mongoose is a very real threat to cobras. Any encounter between the two ends only one way – with one… or both of them dead. This video here shows one such meeting and although it’s over relatively quickly, it’s still amazing to see both of them in action.

The tension ratchets up the very second that the mongoose starts warily circling around his intended cobra prey. The cobra makes his intentions very clear: Leave me alone. The mongoose, who is probably very hungry, elects to keep the pursuit up, which results in several furious cobra strike attempts. Those mongoose reflexes come into play and he’s easily able to elude the strikes. The battle ends pretty quickly after that, with the mongoose lunging with lightning speed and grabbing the cobra’s neck and killing it. He then walks off with his meal.

While it may seem brutal… it is nature and these animals have to do what they can to survive. Have you seen something similar? Tell us all about it in the comments section. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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