This Baby Monkey Loves Her Bath – as Long as She Can Have Her Toy!

Monkeys are cute little creatures and bear a strong resemblance to our own behaviors. With the video below, I give you one such example.

Bath time can be a challenge for some babies. It’s a brand new experience, and for some, it can be really scary. BUT add a few toys and bath time becomes a fun time. This monkey is no different.


This little monkey wouldn’t go for a bath until he realized he could take his little BoBo. Bobo is his best friend, his favorite toy. Throughout the bathing process, he just wouldn’t let go off his buddy. Such is the bond between the two.

You got to watch the video to see how cute this little monkey is. He may not be a huge fan of bathtime, but at least he gets some comfort from his BoBo. Tell me you didn’t just ‘aww.’