This Monkey Was Captured By Poachers And Treated In A Terrible Way. Luckily Someone Saved Her!

Poachers are one of the worst sponsors in this world. They not only destroy conservation efforts, but they add to the suffering of this world through the black market. They are often associated with exploiting animals, and animal abuse.

There are some real heartbreaking stories of animals that have suffered terrible abuse from poachers. This video follows the story of Izzie who was in a terrible state after she was brutalised by some poachers.

Izzie was rescued from the hands of the poachers by the Belize Forest Department. They had received a call about a monkey in captivity, after chasing it down they managed to save poor Izzie from her predicament. Izzie was dehydrated, in shock, had multiple broken bones, and even shot gun wounds. After some extensive veterinary treatment Izzie is now on the road to recovery.

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