Monkey And Daddy Sit In Backyard During Summer. Wait Until You See What They Eat Together!

Besides going to the beach, is there a more summertime thing than sitting outside and eating watermelon? Just thinking of this has me imagining the sun’s rays beating down on me – yes, I put sunscreen on even in my imagination – and the delectable watermelon in my gullet. I’m sure just reading about this made you also picture a summertime scene. Human aren’t the only one who can enjoy this staple of summer, though… just watch this video.

Boo, a capuchin monkey, is sitting next to his daddy on a table in their backyard. An older pit bull also wanders the area. His daddy puts a small watermelon on the table, and Boo tries to sink his teeth into it even though it’s not sliced. Next, his daddy pulls out a large knife and gently has to push Boo away to keep the capuchin from accidentally grabbing the wrong part of the knife.

After he cuts two fairly decent-sized wedges out of the watermelon, the two of them sit and just munch on it. Boo LOVES this watermelon and he rapidly chews through his portion… and takes some bites from his daddy’s wedge. Personally, I would have carefully looked where on my wedge he ate, but then again, I’m a bit of a germaphobe. The two of them sure like bonding with each other.

I recently wrote about Boo and his fear of green Silly Putty. This time, he saw something green and he wanted to eat it. It was funny seeing him at the beginning of the video, trying to get at that watermelon before his daddy could even slice it open. He looked so cute munching on his own watermelon and glancing over at his daddy before resuming eating. At the time of this writing, it was still spring, but it made me think ahead to summer.

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