This Monkey Hasn’t Seen Grandma For A Week. How She Reacts When She Sees Her Again? OMG!

It is not uncommon now-a-days to keep monkeys as pets. However, there are still many people who advise otherwise. It is true that monkeys are wild animals, but if we give them all the love and care in the world they no doubt return the love to humans. This video features a tiny baby monkey called Zoey who will definitely steal your heart!

Zoey loves grandma, but grandma rarely visits her. Zoey has to wait for a whole week to meet grandma. So, whenever Zoey meets grandma, she can’t help but scream out in utter excitement. Zoey’s this reaction always leaves her family stunned. That is the reason why this time they decide to capture this precious moment in their camera and share it with the world.

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