Monkey Named Boo Cracks A Nut Using His Brains – so Smart!!!

The world better watch out because boo is in town. Anybody who’s tried cracking open a nut without any tools will tell you that they are really hard t break open. However, that problem poses no challenge for this smart monkey. He doesn’t have any tools, no problem, he’s got an idea.

Watching this video made me realise just how evolution turned out. This monkey had no hammer, nor did he have a toolbox by his side to crack open the nut. Me, I would just ask someone to do it for me or get the nearest handy tool to get the goodness inside free of the hard shell. This monkey had only a stone and it proved to be a good one and suited the purpose.

Watch how he repeatedly hits the nut with the stone, using force and a harder object to weaken the hard structure of the nut. I love how his owner encourages him as well, placing the nut closer to the monkey when it starts rolling away. In fact, you can see in the video that the monkey accidentally hits the owner on the finger, but unlike some mean people, this guy takes it in his stride and doesn’t scold boo.

Words of encouragement and an opportunity to figure out a solution has this monkey smarter than many people I know. Just kidding! After smashing the rock on the pecan, he puts the nut in his mouth to finally open it with his strong teeth and jaws. After a short while, his efforts are rewarded and you can watch how he cutely eats up the pecan.

Not only is this monkey so darn smart, he really cute to boot! Did you watch the video? Do you have smart pets and stories about them? Write to us and let us know your comments in the section below.

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