Monkey Sits By Sink Being Groomed. I Was Smiling The Whole Time The Video Played.

People have exotic pets all the time. They can range from snakes to ferrets to tigers to sharks… to this extremely adorable monkey in the video. While they can be a lot more expensive to feed – do YOU know how much a Great White Shark eats – they can be a lot of fun too. Well, I’d stay out of the tiger’s cage. Still, I watched this video and it just seems like having a monkey like this would just be SO awesome.

We see this monkey sitting by a sink, having just been cleaned. He’s quite calm and very well-mannered. His mommy brushes him and then cleans his ears with a Q-tip. When she uses the swab, I can tell from his expression that he is in bliss. I know that feeling with Q-tips. She then hands him a toothbrush and he starts brushing his teeth just before the video ends. It’s so cute that I can’t stand it.

I spent part of the time trying to think of what this monkey looked like. Part of the time, he looked like an elderly man with one of those old-time mustaches. Then the other times he reminded me of “The Lorax” of Dr. Seuss fame. If he had stood up and started proclaiming the danger of chopping down trees in a forest, I wouldn’t have batted an eye. Either way, he’s adorable.

There will be those who are quite upset that the monkey is living in an urban environment rather than in the jungle, or a zoo at the very least. To those people, I say – who knows what the situation was that led to him winding up at this woman’s home. He seems perfectly happy and content. Though I can’t see him going back to the wild and telling other monkeys how to brush their teeth…

Weren’t you clapping your hands the whole time at this? He’s ADORABLE. I want one! Wouldn’t you? Tell us your thoughts below!

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