Monkeys Shocked by Zoo Visitors Magic Tricks

Shows like America’s Got Talent showcase a variety of different acts, including magicians. The legendary duo, Penn and Teller, have inspired thousands to learn sleight of hand and other tricks to leave people spellbound.

Well, humans are no longer the only ones taken aback by entertaining card tricks. When a man was visiting a zoo, he pulled out a deck of cards to show the monkeys. He shows him the card and makes it disappear, leaving the primate with his jaw dropped.

There are several other wholesome videos in this compilation of monkeys being enthralled by one act after another. One man puts an item in a cup, shows the monkey, and then reveals it is suddenly missing.

After taking a second to process what he just saw, the monkey kicks back and starts laughing. It’s pure entertainment and leaves us mesmerized at how much these beautiful animals can comprehend.