These Monkeys Will Steal Your Heart. When You See Their Sneaky New Trick? It’s Incredible!

Sometimes, when we go for a vacation or a trip to a very remote or different place, we get warned about thieves and getting your stuff stolen. However, pickpockets don’t always look like you expect them to be; some can be much smaller and faster than you’d expect. Just because they’re not human, doesn’t mean that they are not able to steal your valuables from you, like your heart! Like in this video below, we can see some very skilled trained monkeys who are able to sneak around and take anything they want from you, even your cellphone! And when you see the grand reason behind all of it? Your jaw will drop!

The man depicted in the video is the British Biologist Chris Packham, and he collaborated with a BBC original show for the program “World’s Sneakiest Animals”, and in the clip he shares and explains why the monkeys became such shameless tricksters. And in the rest of the TV series, they look at several animal species that use sneaky or thieving strategies to be able to eat and get by. It’s amazing! I didn’t know animals could be so smart.

You can see this awesome monkeys in the video just below. Have you ever had something stolen from you by an animal?! Tell us what you thought in the comment section!

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