Monsters Beat This Pit Bull Badly, But What Happened When He Met This Woman Left Me Shocked

Alex, a woman who volunteered to rescue stray animals, wasn’t expecting the level of intensity that she faced when she met Petey, a badly injured shelter dog who was on death row at the time of his rescue. Petey the pit bull is the star of this touching video made by PAWsitive, and you can watch it if you scroll down below.

When they found him, Petey’s head was swollen to almost twice its normal size. He had obviously been through some truly horrible trauma, and he was wearing a cone when they found him sitting in his cell in his lonely shelter. Alex immediately felt connected with the dog, and she became determined to give him a chance at a better and happier life. Pit bulls are often misunderstood because some owners use their physical strength for bad instead of just loving them and treating them like beloved pets. This makes pit bulls difficult to adopt out once they get in a shelter, so this was a concern when Petey showed up as well.

If Alex had not taken Petey in, he would have been euthanized. But thanks to his second chance, ten weeks after being rescued from his horrible fate, he found the forever home that would give him everything that he needed. Robyn, his new mom, fell in love with him since she learned his story, and now he’s happier than he has ever been.

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