Baby Monkey Survives Poaching in Belize. Her Survival Is All Due to These Amazing Humans

Poachers are a scourge on wildlife. They not only undermine conservation efforts and commercially exploit animals but have also been associated with numerous instances of animal abuse. There are heartbreaking stories of animals who have suffered at the hands of poachers.

In this video, we see little Izzie who is in a sorry state after being brutalized by poachers. Little Izzie is a baby monkey that was rescued from poachers by the Belize Forest Department after receiving a call about a monkey in captivity. She was brought to Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic for treatment.


The rescuers examine her and find her dehydrated, in shock and suffering from multiple broken bones and shotgun wounds. A rope that has been binding her is removed from her body, and her bones are set by the doctors so that Izzie can continue on her slow journey to recovery.

Thank goodness for the Belize Forest Department and Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic for saving this sweet, baby monkey, Izzie. I am sure someone will be able to look after her as she grows.