Moose Begins Grooming Her Calf, But Watch Out For Who’s Behind Her! OMG!

In Eastside Anchorage Alaska two women were lucky enough to spot a moose in their yard and she was giving birth. When Victoria Hickey and Sarah Lochner noticed what was happening before their eyes they ran as fast as they could to get a camera. I honestly don’t have any words for what they caught on film but I’m going to try my best.

Victoria and Sarah managed to record the moment from start to finish. So few people ever get to see this miracle in person so we are so lucky that they shared it with the world.

When the mother turns around and starts grooming her newborn, we can see the little baby take his first steps. What happens next is simply amazing because the mama gives birth to a second calf right on screen! You’ll see that the first born gets a quick start on things soon after mom finishes his bath.

The homeowner explains that she gave the mom an apple that morning and could tell that she was looking a little bit woozy. She wasn’t shocked that she came back to the yard to give birth. After all, she’s has been doing this same thing for the last 6 seasons! Unreal!  Clearly she feels a connection to these hospitable humans who let her be as she performs her miracle year after year.

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