My Unique Morning Routine with Chickens, Ducks, & Dachshunds

What is Cuter than a pet duck? How about a pet duck, chickens, and dachshunds? Quite the exciting group, huh? Evelin has all three and keeps everything neat, clean, and tidy. Caring for animals is a full-time job, but Evelin makes it look easy. Anneke the chicken has a great personality. She is curious and cute! The ducks are so adorable and fun to watch.

Coco and Loulou are the dogs of this humble abode. They love the chicken’s soft feathers to bury themselves into. It must be amazing to see them snuggling together. It is funny to watch the chicken peck peck peck into their food. The duck’s bills are also a hoot, as they seem like ferocious eaters. It is also surprising that the chickens are cleaner than the ducks, but both are equally adorable.

Seeing Coco and Loulou on the couch with Anneke is a real treat. It is nice to see that the chicken is a part of the family. The noises Anneke makes are precious! The other animals obviously think of her as one of their own. If this is all in one morning, Evelin has got everything handled. It is impressive how she takes care of her animals.

The animals are all happy, healthy, and much adored. It takes a special person to keep and raise farm animals. This video is a reminder that pets are the heart and soul of the home; no matter what type of pets they are, they all matter and are essential.

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My Unique Morning Routine with Chickens, Ducks, & Dachshunds