Mosley The Greyhound Is In A Silly Mood. Just Wait Until You See How Goofy.

I love greyhounds. If the place that I lived in allowed dogs, I would get one in a heartbeat. They are so sleek. The only problem is that I would probably have to invest a fortune in coats, since their fur is so short as to be non-existent and I live in a place where winters get very, very cold. Oh well, I suppose I could train it to be an indoor dog at times. I couldn’t imagine one being as fun as the one that appears in this video.

We see Mosley, a greyhound, on a bed. It seems like he’s in a silly mood. Well, about as silly a mood as a greyhound can show, since they can be a bit more on the reserved side. Their idea of cutting loose might seem like another dog’s half-hearted attempt to try to get someone to play with them. That’s what this seems like with Mosley – his idea of being wacky isn’t quite the same that we’ve seen in other dogs, who might do things like flips.

Mosley wants to play in the worst way. That barking that sounds like he’s saying “Hey!” is more like “HEY! I wanna go outside!” He spins around on the bed a few times and crouches in a playful stance. He’s in a silly mood and he’s not afraid to show his daddy that side of him. Hopefully, he got some playtime for his antics. I would take him outside after that, get some fresh air to help burn off some energy.

Every greyhound that I’ve seen before has been more of a docile type. The only noise I’ve ever heard them make is at the dog track before they were released for the race. This is the first time that I’ve heard one make a noise like that up close. A friend of ours has a whippet and she’s the quietest thing ever. When we visit, we always have to look backward to make sure we’re not going to stumble over her. We wouldn’t have that problem with Mosley.

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