Most Cows Only Have One Calf In A Pregnancy; This Cow Gave Birth To 4 Calves! Incredible!

This cow is called Number 15. She lives quite happily on a farm in Northeast Texas owned by Jim Barlings. When she got pregnant she seem like just another cow. But very quickly the vet realised that she was exceptional.

Is very rare for a cow to give birth to more the one calf, twins are occasional, but quadruplets are exceedingly rare. The chance of a cow delivering four calves at once is one in 11.2 million! So it’s safe to say that everyone was quite shocked when it happened.

The calves, who were all born healthy without complication, were named Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moo. The downside to having four calves is that Number 15 cannot produce enough milk for all of them. So the Barlings have to feed the calves with milk bottles. The community has been very excited by this rare event and have offered the Barlings some much needed help.

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