Most wedding vows are solemn and endearing. Not these ones.

Andrew and Melissa Engstrom’s vows started off on a strong note when Andrew mispronounced a word within the first sentence. His bride thought it was the funniest thing.

They were just getting through the first line when Andrew declared Melissa his “waffley wedded wife.” At the sound of the mispronunciation, Melissa’s mood instantly perked up and she started laughing. Andrew couldn’t help but continue seeing his love smile.

“…and pancakey,” he said. Melissa pretended she was eating food but soon couldn’t even stand up straight she was laughing so hard. She kept holding Andrew’s hands as she doubled over in silent laughter at the alter.

Andrew glanced at the officiant. “I’ve been scared of this all my life,” he said. At that point, Melissa couldn’t stay quiet any longer. She exclaimed in laughter over her microphone. Andrew told the crowd to give her a second as she continued. The officiant agreed, saying he had seen this before.

After she calmed down, the crowd erupted in laughter as the officiant began to prompt Andrew’s vows from the beginning again. Andrew made another joke by just making garbled sounds. The officiant couldn’t help but to also joke, saying they might need a recess.

The Engstrom’s did eventually get married successfully and went on to have a happy marriage. They had a pretty good foundation to start off on: one of happiness and laughter.

Most wedding vows are solemn and endearing. Not these ones.