Mother and baby spotted in a car – what happened next will shock you

It’s a horrifying scenario that nobody ever wants to find themselves in – a kidnap situation where your life might well be on the line. But even more alarming, is if you have a young child with you at the time. There’s no telling what might happen, or knowing when the ordeal will be at an end.

Michael McKinney kidnapped an unidentified woman and her child in North Carolina and drove them some 400 miles across the state. His motives were unclear, but keeping this woman and her baby against her will was shocking enough. Sometime in the evening, McKinney forced the woman to pull into a Walmart car-park in Reynoldsburg – a small town in Ohio. His plan was to visit a Western Union and extort cash from his victim.

McKinney soon learned that there was no WU branch at that particular Walmart, and in causing a scene, he inadvertently alerted the attention of nearby shopper, Tia Withers. Tia then saw that a woman and baby were in the car, and what she saw will probably haunt her for a long time to come. The woman mouthed the words “help me, I’ve been kidnapped” which would have been a terrifying sight to anyone. Tia didn’t hesitate and leapt into action.

With incredible bravery, Tia blocked McKinney’s vehicle and his escape route with her own car and telephoned the police. Realising he had been spotted, McKinney managed to evade Tia’s car and made his getaway – but the drama didn’t end there. With no thought for her own safety, Tia gave chase, giving a play-by-play of instructions to a police dispatcher as she tailed the kidnapper across town.

Officers sped to the scene and soon caught up with McKinney – thanks to the quick wits of Tia Withers who never let the criminal out of her sights. The suspect is now in police custody – after he attempted to ditch a bag of narcotics at his arrest. According to some sources, the motive for the crime was drug-related.

Don’t miss this incredible drama in the video below – and acknowledge Tia’s unselfish heroics in potentially saving the life of the kidnapped woman and her child. Michael McKinney is being charged with kidnapping, extortion and drug position. It’s unlikely he’ll be seeing the light of day for a very long time.