Mother Bulldog Gives Her Baby A Pat On The Head. The Little Guy’s Response Is To Die For

Remember  the constant love that your parents gave you and how it used to annoy you? The newborn bulldog puppy in the video below is going through the same emotional turmoil. Meet Elvis, he’s feisty! He got the moniker due to a cleft lip that he was born with giving that permanent sneer that The King had.  In this clip, he has some choice words to share with his “over-bearing” mom Patches.

Poor mommy was only trying to show some love, but she goes unappreciated as usual. Mom had been checking up on him and it really interrupted what Elvis had going on the carpet. When she put her paw on him, he quickly started barking and really shocked his mom! This little pup is the most adorable tantrum thrower and you just won’t be able to not smile at his antics.

It seems like they are still getting to feel each other out, and mom Patches tries to play a little bit, but the puppy isn’t having it. He’s still busy checking out  his house, so Patches looks at the camera, but soon returns to her pup who is still annoyed with all the attention.

It’s amazing that Elvis finally cuddles up to mom when she decides to ignore him!. His owner says that he has become a strong and spastic puppy. Check him out below and let us know what you think in the comments section below and share it if you have friends and family that will enjoy it.

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