A mother can’t keep her son away from the sewing machine. Wait ‘till you see why!

As a father of four, I can tell you that instilling values in your children is one of the most difficult jobs out there. We live in an age where children have many distractions. They have video games, the Internet, TV, and all that. It’s very weird that we have come down to a situation where TV is not the biggest distraction. When I was young, TV was my biggest thing. Of course, video games already existed but most people could not afford them.

Growing up, I was always more into sports. So, if you wanted to find me, you had to go looking for me outside. Now that I have my children, it’s sometimes a matter of actually getting them to go outside, enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise. All the current distractions we have, and our lifestyle are geared towards people spending a great deal of time indoors.

When the Internet started, people couldn’t get their kids off the new gizmos. I had a computer back then, but I was already in high school. I had to learn how to use it. I guess, mostly like people nowadays. My father was one of those people who would rather do stuff in the typing machine we had. We had an Olivetti mechanical typing machine.

You needed to change the ink ribbons every so often, but for my father, it was the most reliable thing. After some time, he did learn how to use the computer. Although he’s not that fast of a typist, he can get work done. Because I had learned to use the computer while being self-taught, I thought it would be nice to teach my children how to use it.

I did, and it has been a great investment of my time. I had to set schedules because if it were up to them, they would be on the computer all day. Some of my neighbors complain that they cannot get their children off the devices and even asked me for some advice. I said that you should get your children the devices that they really need if any. And while some kids would rather spend all day indoors playing video games, there are others who have other goals in mind.

Like the boy in the following video. For starters, he comes from a very big household. They are nine brothers and sisters. So, when Campbell asked mom to give him some money, so he could get some presents for the children at their local hospital, his mother had to say ‘no’. They had just gone out for presents themselves and were out of cash. That’s when Campbell had an idea. This is his story!