Mother Cat Introduces Her Kittens To An Unlikely Old Friend For An Afternoon Playdate

There are few things more important in life than true friendship. We all need that bond that defies logic and brings two people together. Even in the animal kingdom, the power of friendship is is apparent.

Not long ago, YouTuber ignoramusky uploaded a video that captures a beautiful moment between a mama cat and her old friend. She and her kittens trot along to meet up with her pal, who just so happens to be a dog.

They greet one another, as if old friends seeing one another after long break, Then, after hellos are said, there are introductions to make. One by one the dog sniffs and nuzzles each kitten with obvious tenderness.

The kittens are as eager to meet their new aunt as she is to meet them. The dog rolls onto its back, paws in the air, and plays with the kittens. They bat the dog’s feet, while mama sits by and watches them, likely grateful to let someone else tire her babies out.

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