Mother Cat Introduces Her Two Little Babies To Her Dog Friend! OMG!

For anyone who thinks that dogs and cats are meant to be enemies, you might just want to show them this heart-warming video.

The video begins with what most people think is a standoff. A black cat is staring down a brown dog, and though it seems like a battle of wills, make sure to keep your eyes on the bottom of the screen. A tiny baby kitten tentatively walks up behind mama.

The cat tells the dog to sit down, and the dog, with a bit of pushback, finally sits. He seems excited at whom he’s about to meet, and when the mama cat walks away to introduce her two babies to him, this big dog’s heart melts just like butter!

The dog clearly knows he’s supposed to behave with such tiny kittens around, and with a watchful mom making sure everything is going okay, we’re happy to know that these two little babies will be safe and sound.

These two friends have known each other for quite a while now, and now that there are two more babies in the family, we’re sure that this beautiful dog will always watch over his kitten friends even once they’re all grown up.

We love that the dog even lets the babies bat at his nose; while it’s probably annoying, they’re just babies who don’t know any better, and he knows it! What a sweet dog!

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