This Mother Cat Knows What’s Best For Her Kittens, And She Shows It

The instinct a mother has to protect her young is incredibly strong, and not just for humans, but animals as well. Maternal instinct is an amazing force, yet it has such tenderness and warmth. This momma cat is a picture perfect example of a loving mom. I can’t get over how cute this clip is.

Maternal instinct is such an amazing thing. If you have it as a human, then you are going to make a great mother and have some great kids, but I think even humans can learn a thing or two from watching animal mothers with their young. This momma kitty is a good example of that. She is so nurturing and protective of her kittens, and knows how to soothe and comfort them. She is a shiny example of motherhood as she tends to her adorable kittens.

Sometimes cats get a bad reputation for being aloof or distant from their owners or because they have very different personalities from friendly and playful dogs or other animals. However, cats can be incredibly caring. Just look at this momma cat in the video. There is no doubt she will do anything to protect and care for her young and shield them from danger. The way she treats her offspring is something we can all learn from and actually enjoy while watching it.

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