Mother cat nurses four abandoned baby squirrels

This mother cat lovingly accepts these four squirrels to become part of her family. She nurses them as if they are her own.

Mother’s love is considered by many as one of the greatest among all kinds of love. That kind of love isn’t just limited to humans, but it can also be seen on some animals.

This mother cat proves that even animals can show an undying love towards her children or even to her adopted children. Apparently, she takes care of four abandoned squirrels as if they are hers.

She nurses them and makes sure that they are all in good health. Luckily, those poor squirrels can now experience the love of a mother in this lovely feline.

Despite having kittens on her own, she still willingly accepts these squirrels in her arms, forming one big happy fur family.

This mother cat’s unconditional love proves that love knows no species or kinds. It can flow naturally and spread out perfectly.

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Mother cat nurses four abandoned baby squirrels