Mother Fox Waits Patiently Nearby While Rescue Workers Save Her Trapped Cub From A Drain

Oftentimes, when a wild animal mother gets separated from one of her children, she abandons them. When human scent gets on an animal, their mothers can’t identify them as hers anymore. But sometimes, the power of love is enough to overcome any obstacle.

When the East Essex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) in England got a call that there was a fox cub stuck in a drain, they likely thought they would be bringing the cub back to the rescue for rehabilitation.

They showed up at the drain and found the cub stuck further back then they could reach. For a while they tried sticking cameras and poles into the drain to help coax the little guy out, but without much luck.

During their attempts at rescue, something surprising happened. The mother fox snuck up and perched herself a safe distance away. She sat watching the rescuers, as if she knew exactly what they were doing.

The rescuers decided to take a break, thinking perhaps the cub would come a little bit closer to the entrance after all the excitement. Mama fox kept watching, and after a little while they went back to check on the cub. Happily, the little fox had crawled forward a bit, and was within grabbing distance.

They pulled the soaking wet cub out, gave it a little dry off, and placed it in the crate they’d brought to transport it back to the sanctuary. Then, they left. Mama fox waited until she was sure everyone was gone before approaching the crate and gently lifting her baby out and leading him home.

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