Mother Goose Has Her Eggs in The Creepiest Place! She Nobly Protects Her Unhatched Babes! Heart-Wrenching!

When people talk about marital relationships or problems, they point to geese. “Look at geese! They mate for life! No running around on each other and no talk of divorce!” They also conveniently leave out that these geese have brains the size of a peach pit, if that. But their loyalty is undeniable. But what happens if one of them dies, especially at an inopportune time when the mama is on a nest of eggs? This video shows one extraordinary example of that happening.

The scene is a cemetery. The newscaster is firm in saying he won’t say which one, because he doesn’t want anyone going over there and disturbing the mama goose, who has her eggs in a large urn. She has lost her mate and is ready to guard the eggs all by herself. Perhaps the spirit of the person whose ashes were in there sees her plight and sends a guardian to help stand watch. No, it isn’t another goose. It’s a deer.

Yes, a deer, which happens to be from a completely different species from geese, in case you didn’t already know that. There’s something that compels it to take over the male goose’s role of protecting the eggs. If there are any poachers dumb enough to risk getting their heads caved in by a large deer’s hooves, that’s their prerogative. I’d leave them well enough alone. This mama goose is going to be able to hatch her eggs at term, I believe.

I love these stories about different animal species helping each other out. I mean, every story about humans helping animals is one of different species, but I’m talking about the ones that aren’t as high up on the evolutionary chain. It’s hard to come up with a comparable situation. Maybe a dolphin helping a lobster protect its eggs in the sea? This one is just one-of- a-kind and it’s pretty cool that it happened, wouldn’t you think?

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