Mother Goose Is Guarding Her Nest Alone, Until THIS Friend Showed Up! AWW

There’s only a few things that can move you or touch you to the bottom of your heart as easily as seeing two animals befriending each other. As human beings, we are always finding reasons to argue and fight against each other, but animals seem to think in a completely opposite way. They like to find anything that they can to relate to each other, and they use whatever they can find to share cute moments together, even when they have almost nothing in common.

The cute video right below shows the friendship between a deer and a goose, and it’s for certain one of the most adorable things I’ve seen in a very long time! Even if they can barely communicate, let alone look like each other, these two animal pals have the greatest time together while playing in this following video.

As many different studies and investigations have found out, geese are some of the only true monogamous animals that live out there. Once they find their true mate, they assume their roles and fulfill them until one of them dies, and this means that the surviving one is left all alone. The goose in this video is guarding the nest on its own, which already doesn’t look too good, but when the deer comes into the scene, my heart was relieved!

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