His Mother Was Killed By A Hunter. Wait Till You See What Happens When He Gets Rescued!

Many animals have been the victims of illegal wildlife trades. Murphy the baby bear was one of them. This poor orphaned sun bear cub had a terrible start. A hunter killed his mother and tried to sell him off. He was discovered being smuggled in a backpack in Vietnam. But when Murphy was just six weeks old, Animals Asia executed a successful rescue.

Thousands of bears are frequently captured for the bile in their gall bladder, which is then sold and used for medicine. But this medicine can now be manufactured synthetically, so there is no need for bear bile anymore. The poor creatures are kept in devastating conditions on what’s known as “bear bile farms” by people who still want to profit from them.

Thankfully, Murphy is recovering pretty well at the Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Center, while his hunter faces criminal charges. This establishment takes care of more than 500 bears. In this clip, we get to see his reaction to his new playground and it is heart-melting!

Murphy is a Sun bear and is the cutest thing you will ever see. He has a big playground where he can climb, run, and even swing in a hammock. At three months old now, he’s happy and healthy and never has to live in a cage.

This organization rescues bears all over Asia and has sanctuaries in both Vietnam and China. They do great work.

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