“OMG, When Mother Kitty Takes a Nap, Find Out What Her Two Little Kittens Decide To Do!”

It’s something that most mother’s can relate to. You want just a few moments of peace away from your kids. You would like to take a nap but sure enough your kids start in. These little mischievous kittens are no different, when their mother decides to get some much needed rest they break into action.

The mother kitty here certainly has her hands full with these two little kittens, they are obviously little tyrants. When mommy kitty tries to take a nap what do these two do? Well, they figure the coast is clear, so they start rough housing with each other, and fighting in a playful way. The only problem is their playing gets a bit out of control and they find themselves rolling around next to their mother. At first she seems a half asleep and not completely alert to what was going on.

Thanks to the kittens literally crashing into her she is wide awake. https://youtu.be/bVojoMhfKzU See the kittens priceless reaction to their mother being alert again and let us know what you thought by leaving your comments below.