‘Super Mom’ Heading South… With 76 Ducklings Following Behind Her

Duck and ducklings76 babies and one mother? It sounds like a world record. This incredible duck mom has 76 ducklings following along behind her.

Peaceful Lake Bemidji in northern Minnesota is where photographer Brenk Cizek was amazed by the sight of this fascinating sight. One duck mom with dozens and dozens of babies.

Duck and ducklingsCizek tells us, “I noticed a mother bird with a ton of babies. Once I got closer, I noticed she was a Mergansers [a type of duck] and I  was simply amazed by how many babies she had with her.”

This type of enormous feathery family is not a common sight anywhere. Baby Mergansers will imprint on their own mothers when they are born.

Fortunately, all mama Mergansers look alike, so if they get separated from their own mother it is perfectly okay with them to follow along with another mom; they’re all one big happy family.

This lone duck mom seems to be okay with it, too. She works diligently to keep all the babies safe and in line. Hard work, but she is one dedicated duck, taking on the role of  ‘duck mom’ for about 50 ducklings. But she wasn’t ready to stop adopting just yet!

Check out this video to watch the huge family of ducks as the superb mother duck keeps tabs on all her ducklings.

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‘Super Mom’ Heading South... With 76 Ducklings Following Behind Her