Mother Of Newborn Baby Opens Up Cardboard Box. I Was Amazed What Happened Next.

It’s the fear of nearly every parent with a young baby: Will I put them to sleep tonight and they won’t wake up tomorrow? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a nightmare for every parent. Its causes are unknown, though there’s plenty of (sometimes conflicting) information about how parents should lay their babies in the crib to feeding times. Now a trend from Finland is trying to make its way here.

A woman named Michelle Vick has started a company called The Baby Box Co. It’s a cardboard box with a fitted mattress and sheet. Finland has been using this box for the past 75 years and they have the lowest infant mortality rates out there. The United States has around double that. It’s really intended for babies to use up to when they turn eight months, or so. That’s when they can migrate to a crib.

The great thing about the baby box is that parents can have the box in the same room as them and be able to check on their baby as often as they like. There are no toys, bumpers or anything else that the baby might suffocate on. Many pediatricians see this as an excellent, and cost-effective way to get an early bed for a baby. Vick has several tiers of the baby box, including a deluxe one that comes packed with nearly everything a first-year parent needs.

While nothing is completely foolproof, especially when it comes to babies possibly getting themselves into trouble, it’s a good way to tackle the problem of SIDS. Hopefully the baby box will gain more traction in the United States. There are some hospitals that are already offering the baby box to new parents. Hopefully, something like this can drive down the infant mortality numbers in the U.S.

What did you think? Would you put your baby in one of these boxes? I wish I had heard of this when my son was born. Have any of you used it? Tell us your stories and opinions in the comments section!

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