Mother Pig Gives Her All To Birth 13 Piglets. A Mother’s Love Is Truly Unreal! AWW

In the video that we brought today just for you, you’ll meet Emma the pig, the most motherly and adorably piggy mom you will ever see. She gives an amazing display of her maternal instincts, and she shows that there’s nothing that can stop her from providing her pig babies with the safety, health, and love that she has to give.

At the time Emma was rescued and arrived at Apricot Lane Farms, she was getting sick all the time. Her skin adhered to her bones, and she didn’t seem to be gaining any weight or getting better any time soon. And as if that wasn’t enough, it turned out she was also pregnant when she arrived. Given the state she was in, nobody expected her to be able to raise her piglets herself.

But she was still ready to amaze everyone at the farm, and when she finally went into labor and gave birth, she ended up having a grand total of 13 piglets! Because of her sickly condition, they first tried to separate her from her piggies, but that turned out even worse. In the end, the motivation that her pigs gave her was enough to help her pull through and get in better health, all for them!

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