A mother pig and her piglets get rescued. They go outside for the very 1st time!

Governments and private organizations have been pushing for more humane methods of handling animals in the beef industry. We live in a world where making more money is sometimes more important that the methods used by many companies. This is why when an agency detects a slaughterhouse that is not operated within required guidelines, they act quickly and swiftly. The more of these non-conformant places they detect, the better-off the consumers and animals will be.

Some of the owners of these slaughterhouses have appealed and requested more time to fix the non-conformities. Agencies are usually very flexible and provide these owners with a recommended strategy for getting everything in order. I remember reading about one of these cases in the U.K. There was a slaughterhouse that needed to have a makeover in terms of the processes they followed.

Most of the problems could be fixed by only replacing some of the equipment which was employed. The owner was worried because replacing the equipment amounted to a substantial amount of money. He had tried getting financing through the bank, but because he had recently gotten a loan, he was not awarded a second one.

The owner went to speak to the agency, so he could be given a timeline to address everything that was needed. They understood his situation and gave him 12 months to fix everything. He got funding from other investors and managed to gather the money he needed and make the necessary replacements. He called the auditor once again to have them assess his slaughterhouse again.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, he could comply with Federal Health regulations and became an example of quality going hand in hand with progress. At other times, these slaughterhouses are not that compliant. When this happens, it’s the agency’s responsibility to close them down and rescue the animals. All the animals who are rescued alive usually go to farms.

Just as the case featured in the following video. One slaughterhouse had been given several warnings to take care of some problems that were happening there. When the government saw that they were not going to do anything about it, they went there to close the place down.

Among the animals that were found alive, was a mother pig with her piglets. They had been doomed to be slaughtered, but the rescuers arrived in the nick of time. Watch their heart-warming reaction when they get to experience freedom for the first time!