What This Mother Does When She Is Reunited With Her Lost Puppies Made My Heart Sink. OMG!

How does a mother dog react when united with her litter of lost puppies? Will she run around in excitement like a dog that sees her master returning home from work? Will she scold the little rascals for running off? When you see what happens when this dog is reunited with her loved ones, it might just knock you off your feet!

Is crying a uniquely human activity? Are we the only animals who produce those mysterious drops of passion filled liquid when our emotions take us over? Apparently, dogs cry just like we do. When this dog is reunited with her babies, visible teardrops appear running down her sad cheeks.

Tears are shed for many reasons. Some tears are born of joy, others of sadness. The tears this dog cries must reflect a combination of emotions. Joy at being reunited with her babies. Sadness upon remembering the grief the tragedy produced. Exhaustion after spending so many days worried sick. Relief for finally being able to put this nightmare to rest.

Some say laughter is contagious. This video proves hands down that tears can be contagious as well. If you tend to get a bit teary eyed at an emotional site, you might just need to grab a tissue before watching this one!

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