A mother secretly gives her dying son cannabis and is shocked at the result.

It is said that a mother’s love for her son or daughter is unconditional. There are many touching stories of mothers having risked their own freedom or even their lives to protect or save their children from harm. Fortunately, most stories have a happy ending for both. Many people have debated on the reason for this. Do mothers love more because they bore their children? Or, are father capable of the same level of love.

Many people believe that since conception, the baby establishes a unique bond with her unborn baby. It starts from the fact that the baby lives on all the food the mother consumes. The more cravings the mother has, the hungrier her baby is, at least that’s what many believe. Then, after the baby is born, the baby relies heavily on the mother’s comfort and care to survive.

Fathers are also capable of the same level of love, according to what many people believe. There have been cases where fathers have been capable of superhuman feats to save their children. Like this other day, I read about a father who was working on his car in his garage. He went to get something into the house when his son went out of the home and wandered into the garage. The boy mistakenly knocked over something and ended up getting stuck under the vehicle. The father went out of the home when he heard a loud noise, and when he saw his child, he lifted the heavy vehicle several inches off the ground and managed to pull out his son without any help. When asked how he managed to lift such a heavy car, he responded by saying he didn’t know. He had just acted out of instinct.

Some parents don’t have to lift heavy vehicles off their children to show them they love them. But they can do very brave things as well. When parents face a terminal disease, they will stop at nothing to help their son or daughter. This is an especially tough time for them as they are sometimes helpless. There are times that they have gone to see every doctor available and none of them are able to help their child.

The next story is one of courage and determination. Deryn Blackwell was 10 years old and battling with leukemia. His parents had done everything they could for their son and were excited when the doctors told them he might have beaten leukemia. When tests confirmed it, they could not be happier. They described as the happiest day of their lives.

Unfortunately, their happiness was cut short when they found out about a new diagnosis. Deryn had Langerhans cell sarcoma, an illness so rare, that only 5 people in the world had it. People with this illness usually have a bone marrow transplant as their only option. For Deryn’s parents, that meant hope. But after the 4th consecutive bone marrow transplant failed, the doctors told the parents to start making arrangements for the boy’s funeral Deryn’s mother wouldn’t give up and decided to do something drastic. She gave her son cannabis and was shocked at the result.