This Mother Hasn’t Seen Her Navy Commander Son In 2 Years, Then THIS Happened! Heart Breaking!

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate those amazing women in our lives, the people in charge or raising us into the strong men and women we have become. They have spent a huge part of their lives sacrificing their own time and effort to make sure that we have everything that we need, and so they deserve a great thank you for all the love.

Not too many Mother’s Day surprises could top this amazing video sent from a Navy Commander to his mother that he hasn’t seen in over two years. You have to hear what this grateful man has to say to his incredible mom!

Ryan is a Navy Commander, a position that requires him to travel all the time, not having much time to see friends and family. So when a holiday like Mother’s Day rolled around, he knew he had to do something special to tell his mom how much he loved her.

Teleflora was nice enough to provide the delivery of his touching video message, thanking his mom for giving up her athletic career just to raise him after getting pregnant. He tells his mom, “Because of you, I stand here today, a father, a husband, a Navy Commander, and it’s because of you – you showed me how to work and not quit, have honor and have integrity. I achieved all of these things because of the foundation that you lay.”

That is just a small part of this incredible speech, Ryan somehow figured out how to put all the words we wish we said to our own mom’s so perfectly. She was obviously incredibly touched by his touching gesture, and it’s going to be hard to top that gift next year!

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