A Mother Tells Something To Her Son. After 30 Years, Her Words Are Truer Than Ever! I’m In TEARS!

There’s few things as pure and beautiful as the relationship between a child and his/her mother. The clip that we featured for you today is based on a book written by Robert Munsch, back in 1986. It’s a very popular mother/child story, and it’s called “Love You Forever”. It’s a moving story about this exact type of relationship, and how it develops over time. The video is very touching, and it has a very powerful message about the permanence of maternal love. I was in tears before I had even finished the video!

Munsch wrote this story after he and his wife lost two of their children at their birth. Writing this book was his own way of coping and dealing with it, and it just makes it even more touching. Since that, however, the Munsch family adopted three kids, and most of their work and actions are based around the bond that parents build with their children. This video is a very sweet reminder of all the things that a mother gives to her children without any questions asked, any hesitance, or any restraint.

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