This Mother Watched Her Son Disrespect A Worker, Then She Taught Him A Lesson!

Technology, cell phones, computers and tablets make our society and our children lost respect for other people. And kids are not interested in helping others or being gentle with the people who work for them or help them. This woman, observed how her children behaved before a person inside an ice cream store and she felt ashamed. She could see how disrespectful and rude they seemed to be with people, so she could not help herself and decided to do something about it.

She decided to take her children to eat ice cream at Dairy Queen, after arriving at the place, the boys ordered their favorite ice cream and waited for it for about 5 minutes. There was a young girl of about 17 years old who gave them the ice cream in their hands. After her children took their ice cream, she realized that her children had not been kind enough, they never look at the girl or her face and thank her. They didn´t thank her for giving them the ice cream and they neither say thanks to her mom for buying their favorite ice cream.

So the mother decided to see the reaction of her children that night. She counted patiently until ten while her children ate their ice cream. The ice cream girl stared at the boys’ mother, probably thinking about what was going on with the woman. The mom watched as her children left the store without any interest. Patiently, the mother followed her children outside and took their ice cream from their hands. Then, she walked patiently to a dump where she put the ice cream. Her children watched her in shock and didn´t know what was going on.

The boys got angry but noticed she had to tell them something important. She explained to them, that when they get big, they will have a job like that the girl, and that she expects people see them in the eyes and say thanks.

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