A motionless dog stares at the water. You won’t believe what he does next!

There’s one reason that I just love dogs, they’re smart. Dogs are capable of the greatest tricks and the most awesome feats. Some breeds are more popular than others because of the traits associated with them. I don’t know if I could pick one breed over the rest because I admire many. Of all the breeds, these are the ones I like the most.

The Rottweiler would be my first pick. Like you, I heard a lot of nasty stories about this breed, and to be honest I was a little afraid of them. One of my neighbors had a business and he had like 5 of them. He would leave 3 of them in the business when he closed and take 2 of them home. He had taken them to ‘guard-dog school’ and they obeyed commands very promptly.

Some time back, there was a break-in at his business. He had security cameras which captured the entire incident. There were 3 thieves and as soon as they broke in, they headed for the tires and the rims. This neighbor had a car boutique, where he ‘pimped out’ cars for customers. He had very expensive equipment including rims, sound systems, DVD players and even flat screen TVs.

Once the thieves got to where the ‘expensive’ stuff was, the dogs sprang into action. The three dogs headed for where the criminals were, and they immediately caught them by surprise. One of the dogs grabbed one of the arms of one of them, while the other two were biting the others’ legs. By this time, the silent alarm started to go off and the owner was notified. Needless to say, the thieves were captured.

Another of my favorite breeds is the Labrador. The Labrador or Retriever is a breed that was specifically created to hunt. They would work alongside hunters and as soon as the hunter shot something, the dog was sent to ‘retrieve it’, hence the name. These dogs have existed for centuries and are still a family favorite. I have not met a person who likes dogs and doesn’t like a Retriever.

The dog in the next video is a Retriever. He is standing at a lake and he can be seen staring into the water. Dogs, in general, are very curious and movement is one of the things that catches their attention easier. So, seeing one dog staring at the lake, wouldn’t be a weird sight. The thing is, this dog is not staring at the lake, he’s staring into the lake, and you won’t believe what he does!