Motorists confounded by new roundabout

Newly-built roundabout intended to lessen or eliminate traffic accidents instead leads to many confused Kentucky motorists.

Motorists in Kentucky are clearly baffled by the newly built roundabout. Those approaching the intersection do their best to follow the lead of whoever is in front of them.

Clearly, they haven’t been taught how to use the roundabout as chaos ensues. A truck towing a boat drives straight into his intended exit, and other drivers follow suit.

What ends up happening is a bunch of cars stopping within the roundabout itself, unsure of which lane to go to, and where to take the exit. It creates more traffic instead of lessening it.

The bird eye’s view shows the whole picture, as motorists treat the roundabout like any normal intersection. They drive straight through, not a single one actually going around.

Thankfully it only ended up with many confused drivers and zero accidents. Hopefully, they will think to add helpful signs, or reach out to all drivers to teach them how to properly use it.

I’m sure there are many (myself included) who would prefer they did away with these admittedly confusing contraptions, but that’s life today, folks. Change keeps us on our toes, but not in our proper lanes as you will see.

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